New this year, we're expanding the reach of those big ideas that swirl all around us. We are better together and we believe that creativity is sparked in all kinds of ways, from all kinds of people...through a mix of established and emerging talents.


Want to write? Want to teach? Feel a calling to explore the best of your ideas and daydreams? Perhaps The Joy Guild is for you.

Our annual cohort will:

- Share new ideas about the world in which we live

- Expand how we think and feel

- Explore concepts through an artistic lens

- Stretch ourselves as writers and Creatives

- Have fun in the adventure

Once a month, you'll get support and encouragement to keep going, through an online, interactive session that includes just the cohort participants, facilitated by The Joy Guild founder Lori Stone.

If this resonates with you or if you'd like to nominate someone for the 2015 cohort program, reach out...we're looking for some great new partnerships.

No formal experience is's your IDEAS that are most important. We'll help you with the details.

Nominations open through November 28, 2014. The cohort season runs November 2014 through June 2015.

To apply, send the following here:

1. A  writing sample (minimum 200 words). This can be published, or not, but should represent the type of writing you would do for an online, social platform. This may also include project examples if you're considering how-to tutorials or art-based learning. Fun, silly, serious,'s all encouraged if it's authentically from YOU.

2. A list of your writing/project topics for the year. These do not need to be written yet, just the concepts outlined in 1-2 sentences to help us plan editorial content. A minimum of six full posts are required, 10 preferred. Please only apply if you will be able to complete the assignments.

3. A short written bio that outlines the best of who you are and where you're headed (six sentences max). A high-resolution headshot will be requested if you become part of the cohort.

Cohort members will be notified by early December if they have been selected.