Digital media - Having an online presence is essential for doing business in a digital world. Whether you need just a few Web pages to establish yourself for your customer audience or you're in need of a refreshed new online brand, I design, write, and collate it all for you. Or, let me build AND maintain your site for you as often as you need, with updates to keep your online properties fresh and engaging. 

Social media & blogging - The most common thing I hear from business owners and creatives is that they don't seem to have time to engage with social media. It can seem overwhelming. Yet, your audience wants to hear from you and it's important to tell your story well. I work with you to demystify social media practices, polish up your message, set a schedule, and take the pain and guesswork out of managing a social media routine. Because that's the key: routine. 

Marketing & promotional design - Our world revolves in and out of digital space and well-designed marketing campaigns should, too. And despite what you might have heard, print media is still alive. There are times and places where print materials are still important and create a big impact - from business promotion tools to customer takeaways to special campaigns. The challenge is to use marketing and promotional materials wisely, so they integrate with your online selling and story, align with your budget, and drive results. No one should be wasting money on materials that just end up discarded...I give you options that make practical sense.  

Interiors & space planning - When I was about six years old, I discovered that it was fun to move around my bedroom furniture into new patterns. Decades later, I still do it--and I excel at transforming spaces. Design nerd might be an understatement. Our homes, offices, storefronts, gardens, and shared community spaces reflect our mood and impact life in many ways. From new rooms to real estate home staging to expansive design projects, I love it all. And, I can do it on any budget. 

Photography services & teaching - Anyone can learn photographic technique and become a really good photographer. What makes a GREAT photographer is passion, a command of composition and the equipment, and a willingness to push boundaries to tell a great story with your images. I am a professional photographic artist with formal studio and field training and have loved practicing my work for the last 30+ years. In 1984, I first picked up a 35mm film camera at summer camp and have been hooked ever since. Today, I teach at that same summer camp, lead private and group classes, and work with clients to deliver images that raise photographic standards.