2015 Creativity Retreat Schedule

New for 2015, Lori is expanding on the tried-and-true projects we know and love from retreats past and introducing new opportunities, based on your feedback and the desire to keep things fresh, explore fun new projects, and provide attendees with creative tools for use everyday. Our workshops and playshops are designed to be fun for introverts and extroverts alike.

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Day One - Release (June 12)

The first day is designed for you to step away from the hustle and bustle of it all.

9am-12pm     Travel to the retreat site on the beautiful Washington Coast
12pm              Explore the town of Seabrook, WA (lunch on-your-own)
                        Wine tasting 
                        Beach combing
3pm                Check in to your room, settle in
                        Refreshments available
4pm                Retreat kickoff
                        Welcome with Lori Stone
                        Keynote with Rebecca West
                        It’s hard to create without the space for creativity. Let’s chat about creating space
                        in your life (more time), space in your head (less stress), and space in your home
                        so you can unleash your creative inner creature
5pm                Make-your-own dinner (or head into town)
6:30pm           Evening fun activity: "Reclaiming Your Creative Path"
8pm                Sunset art activity
                        Bonfire and s'mores

Day Two - Explore (June 13)

Make this day your OWN! How do YOU want to play? Mix and match activities below...set activities are listed with times and they are optional. Lite breakfast will be provided in the main house. Dinner is on your own; cook in the kitchen or go into town.

All day          Open art studio time
                     Reading & writing nook: quiet space dedicated to chilling out, reading
                     Take a nap, or two
                     Beach time
                     Ride bikes through town and trail
                     Creative writing story starters (for those who have been LONGING to write again!)
                     Wine tasting

7am              Early morning meditation, yoga, salutations at the beach (or sleep in, your choice!)
8am              Lite breakfast (provided)
9am              Workshop: Clutter-free creativity. How to create time and space for creative projects,
                     let go of stale hobbies, and keep the craft supplies from taking over your home.
                     Through a series of exercises and guided work we’ll uncover your creativity obstacles
                     and send you away with a strategy that will let you bring this playful retreat home with you.

10:15            Art workshop how-to: step-by-step instructions on optional art projects (all supplies included)  
                     Choose from one or all of fun art projects that are easy, accessible, and designed for quick completion.  
12pm           Picnic lunch!  
7pm             The Great Blanket Fort Challenge
8pm             Movie night with popcorn, candy, whiskey, and other sugar-y rubbish

Day Three - Plot Your Next Adventure (June 14)

Using your creative boost from the weekend, plot the ways you can carry this new energy with you until we meet again. .  

7am            Early morning meditation, yoga, salutations at the beach (or sleep in...your choice!)
8am            Creative life hacks: "Understanding Your Creative Capabilities" (session over breakfast)
                    Lite breakfast (provided)
9am            Open studio time
11am          Clean-up and pack, room check out
12pm          Closing ceremony
1pm            Explore town
4pm            Depart for home